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Need a producer? 

Need a singer? 

Need artwork designed? 

Need a dope videographer for your next music video? 

Need a way to finance your creative projects?


THE HUB is the plug to connect with all types of creatives for whichever project you are working on. This  online hub network - created in Croydon is your platform to find local creatives. Like Tinder for creatives but without the drama...

The Hub Forum is a place for creatives to ask questions, start discussions, find out funding information, post call outs if your in need of a photographer for example and post and scout for creative jobs.

The Hub Network is a scouting ground particularly for music A&Rs. Artists update their profiles with their latest bio, latest links and latest gigs that they will be performing at, constantly keeping everyone in the loop. All members of The Hub have access to the members chat, your personal way of connecting with each other.

ALL creatives are welcome to join the Hub!

This part of the website can only be accessed by paying members of SDS, so get your membership today!

What you get: 

- Access to both the Hub Network and Forum

- Access to funding information 

- DISCOUNTED entry to SDS Events

More information detailed in the membership page! 

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