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Apple, Google & Samsung To All Hold Announcement Events Next Week

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Part 2

Samsung are the latest tech company to have announced they are holding an online invitation next week on Wednesday (20th October) called “Galaxy Unpacked Part 2”. This follows Apple’s announcement event on Monday and Google’s on Tuesday.

What to expect from the events?

Starting on Monday 18th October Apple are hosting their event and it is expected that they will be announcing all new MacBook’s (with M1X Chips), a new Mac Mini and even possibly a new generation of AirPods. The event will stream on their website at 9PM GMT.

Following this, on Tuesday 19th October Google are holding an event for their new Pixel phones. While the phones have already been announced, the Pixel 5A and the Pixel 6 should be released sometime this year, the new event will be introducing the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in detail, showing off new features and giving a release date and price tag.

Finally, on the Wednesday Samsung will be announcing new details on their Galaxy series of devices. While this is not expected to announce brand new phones, it could possibly be advancements to current devices. As well as the invite, Samsung’s post announcing the event said the following, “Our users are multifaceted and live life in so many colorful, interesting, and unique ways. As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality. Join Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 on October 20 to see how Samsung is opening up new experiences for self-expression through technology.” Which some suggest is hinting at new colours for Galaxy phones or even possibly full-on customisation of devices.

Come back next week and we’ll have a roundup of all the events and everything that was announced.

Author: Shaiheim Allen


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