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Ones To Watch: Careless


Free-spirited Hackney rapper Careless is next up to join our Ones To Watch list for 2024. Embracing his name as a mantra for fearlessness, Careless is a rising star to watch in the UK rap scene!

SDS: For those who don't know who you are, tell us, who is Careless?

CARELESS: Careless is a free soul from Hackney who always felt he wasn’t rated enough by the peers in his borough. The name is a mantra for fearlessness and reaching maximum potential.

SDS: Where did the name Careless come from?

CARELESS: Careless stemmed from a previous name I had in my early youth ( I’d rather not say lol) , I was a part of a music collective in Hackney (SOstreet) who really helped mold me into an artist , this phase allowed me to mesh my rapping and dancing ability.

SDS: How long have you been rapping for?

CARELESS: I’ve been rapping and rambling for 10+ years. My journey began in secondary school where me and my friends would do freestyles and often grime sets in youth clubs . In my early years I was indecisive whether I wanted to do music as I wanted to focus and find my speciality , but then soon I realised I had the ability to make music that was memorable and that people will enjoy for a lifetime!


SDS: You recently dropped a new single called, “Method” with AyChibs talk to us about


CARELESS: ‘Method’ was a song I wrote during early Covid times , produced by my good friend AyChibs. As I was battling with self doubt and depression , I felt my inner world needed to hear some words of empowerment and positive affirmation!

SDS: How would you describe your sound?


SDS: If you could perform on any stage or event what and where would it be and why?

CARELESS: Places I would like to perform are the Indigo O2 or my local estate. I feel these spaces will not only have sentimental value but could also be a pivotal point in my career!

SDS: If you could instantly master any skill or talent, what would it be and why?

CARELESS: I can’t pick one skill , however I would like to master swimming and play the bass guitar .The reason why I would like to learn these skills is mainly to work on my breathing as

my body is a sound frequency.

SDS: What has been your favourite track you've released so far and why?

CARELESS: Thats tough! But right now I'd say ‘Method’. I believe this song has really unlocked a new frequency within me to treat myself with care .

SDS: We really like your music video to “Comprende”, what was the inspiration behind


CARELESS: "Comprende" is defo my top 3 videos! The inspiration came from my childhood love for football and watching dating programmes (ie.Blind Date ) on ITV!

SDS: Give us one interesting fact about yourself that people do not know.

CARELESS: My name weren’t supposed to be Careless lol .

SDS: Talk to us about the current UK rap scene, what do you think about it and would

you change anything?


CAREESS: I feel the UK scene is an healthy spot in terms of participants, however I do feel it's a little oversaturated to the point where the quantity is outweighing the quality … WE MUST CHANGE THE FORMULA !

SDS: What is your number one goal in life?

CARELESS: Happiness and wealth, internal and externally!

SDS: What can people expect from you going forward?

CARELESS: Expect more chaos whilst I create my first chapter of freedom .

Listen and watch the official music video for "Method "here.

Follow Careless on Instagram @carelessuk


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