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Ones To Watch: Ashanti Elliott

Ashanti Elliot

Ashanti Elliott, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from South East London, with roots tracing back to Jamaica. Her music transcends boundaries, weaving together tales of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. As her latest single, "The Cure," captivates audiences with its reggae-infused melodies, we caught up with Ashanti to unravel the layers of her artistry and the essence of her journey. With her undeniable talent and compelling storytelling, Ashanti Elliott is truly one to watch in the music scene.

SDS: Introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar with you.Who are you and

where are you from?

Ashanti Elliott: Hey everyone my name is Ashanti Elliott, a 21 year old singer-songwriter from South East London and my background is Jamaican. 

SDS: Who are you inspired by?

Ashanti Elliot: At the moment, I am inspired by three artists who go by the name of Jhene Aiko, Tamera & Cleo Sol. My inspiration is always changing so I gain different types of creativity at different times and for different songs I write and record.

SDS: You released your first single in December last year, what was that like?

Ashanti Elliot: That was such a fun yet nerve wracking experience because it would have meant that people would hear the parts of me that I keep close. It solidified my name as an artist and that was a big thing for me. I’m no longer a woman that sings songs live, I have my own music out now. I can't wait to release more. 

Ashanti Elliot

SDS: You just released a new song called “The Cure”, which has a nice reggae vibe to

it. What is it about and where did the name come from?

Ashanti Elliot: Thank you so much! “The Cure '' shows the reaction to a build up of neglect. It’s about a couple that have been having issues for a while, issues on the man's part such as lying and poor communication. The woman had finally had enough so is going through the process of deciding to leave.

The name came from the knowing that if you have a cure for something, it's supposed to heal and make whatever’s bad, become good and possibly go away and that went hand in hand with the meaning of the song. If the man just learns to communicate and tell the truth, it would make things so much better than what things are now. 

SDS : We saw on your TikTok that you recorded a song in a car when you were in

Jamaica recently. Was this the curation of “The Cure”? How did this came about?

Ashanti Elliot: Whilst being in Jamaica, I came across these guys who knew a friend of one of my family members. They were both music engineers/producers and artists themselves. We got to speaking and got along well. They wanted me to record a reggae track before I went back to London. My time in Jamaica came & went by so fast and by the time I knew it, it was the last day of my trip. At this point, we only had the option to record in my mothers car so that's what we did. It was such an eye opening, humbling and great experience because it showed me that anything can be done if you take it seriously and give it your all, regardless of the situation you're in. We recorded all night…literally. They pushed me to my best and we got done what we could, that being the writing, recording and mixing. 

SDS: What is your favourite performance you’ve done so far?

Ashanti Elliott: My favourite performance I’ve done so far would have to be performing in Jamaica at the Dancehall Thursday SoundClash event. I was so very nervous because I was amongst so many famous names and legends but I represented London and I’m so very proud of myself. Oh yeah and I got the wheel up so that just says everything hahaha

SDS: In moments of doubt or uncertainty, what keeps you grounded and focused on

your musical journey?

Ashanti Elliott

Ashanti Elliot: I hold onto the idea that I should enjoy writing and making music rather than worrying if I’d be able to make a stable income from it. The process and growth as a creative are the things that I should really fall in love with. Everything happens at the time it's supposed to because I’m in control of my own destiny, my journey is written and that's a beautiful thing; there's no need to worry about something that is written. If my mind isn't positive, the outcomes won't be positive. I enjoy being creative, it’s a wonderful thing. 

SDS: What three things could you not live without?

Ashanti Elliott: I couldn't live without music, it's so healing for me. 

My journal because I love reading back on the way I felt in the moment a situation occurred. It gives me self assurance. The last thing I couldn't live without would be food hahaha. This may sound like an obvious thing but I mean it literally…I love food & it's another healing thing for me.

SDS: Outside of music, what are some of your hobbies or interests that fans might be

surprised to learn about?

Ashanti Elliott: Outside of music, I’m a hairstylist and Nanny. I also love dancing so attend dance classes weekly as well as choir weekly  - I performed alongside Dave Okumu as “The 7 Generations” choir group for the ‘I came from love’ album release. It's up on my instagram highlights so check it out. Recently, I got into crocheting and nails so those are the skills I'm learning at the moment. Somebody told me that as long as you've got a skill that involves using your hands, you will never go hungry and from then I've lived by that. Invest in learning new skills, people!

SDS: What can people expect from you going forward?

Ashanti Elliot: More music and live shows! Love you all!

Makes sure to check out "The Cure" available on Spotify now!

Follow Ashanti Elliott here!

Photo Credit: @shaiheimallen


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