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Is It Too Late To Save Humanity From Global Warming…

Words by: Mica Reid

COP26 Conference

All world leaders joined in Wales for the COP26 opening ceremony to discuss the imminent crisis humanity faces against global warming and how we put in practices to stop it before it’s too late.

Scientists predict we have another 50 years before Earth is no longer saveable, meaning if we don’t act now to fight climate change, it’ll be too late. At the UN conference, Boris Johnson will call for action from the audience of more than 120 world leaders on “coal, cars , cash and trees”. Johnson wants to phase out coal, accelerate the distribution and transition of electric vehicles and eliminate deforestation, all at a rapid rate.

A further £1 billion has been put forth from the UK government in aid for climate finance over the next 5 years. Combined with the world aid, it brings the total to a staggering £12.6 billion by 2025. Environmentalist are pleased to see world leaders adapt to the reality of climate change and put forth their help, welcoming the new funding, that was previously dismissed by earlier UK cuts.

However despite their efforts, many other environmentalists have shown their weariness of the situation, such as Tom Burke who said “this looks much more like managing headlines than managing today’s climate crisis.” And he might not be wrong. For years organisations such as UNICEF, NRDC (natural resources defence council) and NOAA (national oceanic and atmospheric administration) have been battling global warming and climate change crisis, seeking desperate aid from major world leaders and government officials, so why only now when it’s nearly too late are they doing something about it. Is it because more awareness is coming to light? Or because there is now becoming a frenzy online and in the media about it that governments can now no longer ignore? Or is it simply the time to stop think and act?

Science has stated that weather conditions will become more extreme and will still experience human suffering even at 1.5C, therefore trying to maintain a warming as low as possible. But following the talks at the COP26, it’s all well coming together to do just that ‘talk’ but what actions what models are to be put in place to see a start to battling today’s main world crisis. Global warming. How long until we see change?


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