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Isha Picks – NEW TRACK: Da Beatfreakz x RAYE x Russ Millions x wewantwraiths - Money Calling

Words by: Isha Davis

Money Calling’ premiered on GRM Daily on the 28th of October, opened by the smooth tones of Raye, followed by Russ Millions and wewantwraiths. The track also features a sample from Rihanna’s 2006 hit song ‘Unfaithful’.

Not going to lie guys by just reading the artists featured my first thought was that’s not going to bang. It is an unusual mix to have a commercial singer such as Raye collaborate with a ‘Gun Lean’s’ Russ Millions not to mention on a drill beat too. Upon hearing the 10 second preview on The Shade Borough earlier on in the week, I didn’t want to like the track – It seemed by force because I don’t really get ‘I’m about that life’ vibes from Raye! However after listening to it in its entirety it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be and the chorus is quite catchy:

‘My pride too high, never asked you for help

Boy, you should pree the house I just bought for myself

Still in the ends, South London, baby

For what it's worth, I'm glad you played me

Now, none of these men ever matter to me

Got my girls, got my cars

Got my green and my weed

Know there be ring-ring

It's that money calling

This that shit, you have to spend it to believe it, darling’

Hmmm not bad Raye – Quick question though ‘I rolled my spliff on the sunrise, half past 6’ did you really though Raye? Just asking.

Whilst I am not the biggest fan of the lyrical content that contributes to what we call ‘Drill’, the beats do bang and that is what ultimately keeps me interested. Same goes for this Raye and Russ Millions collaboration, the beat heavily drives it fah me. I’m liking it Raye, it can get a few wheel ups for a limited about of time haha. Do I want to hear more songs like this from her, hmm I don’t know? However, hearing more UK singers on drill type beats could be a vibe.

What do you guys think of the track?

Isha x


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