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Ones To Watch: KS MoreTime

Ones To Watch #Croydon is a series created to showcase all the up and coming talents throughout the borough!

We caught up with young upcoming Croydon rapper KS MoreTime to hear his journey so far and what we can expect to come!

SDS: Hi KS MoreTime, how are you and how you've been?

KS MoreTime: Yeah man I'm good, we’re just handling the pandemic and what not.

SDS: For those who don't know or haven't heard about you, tell us about yourself.

KS MoreTime: Yeah, I’m a rap artist from Croydon, literally just up and coming, doing my thing. I've always been interested in performing arts when I was young so dancing, acting and performing. I won a talent show around 10 years ago performing one of Tinie Tempah’s songs back when I was in primary school, I've always been into talent shows and getting involved in stuff. From then I used to emulate Giggs, N-Dubz and Tinie Tempah, I used to learn their lyrics until I could kind of do it for myself. That's a little background history.

SDS: Where does the name, KS MoreTime come from?

KS MoreTime: Basically, it's just an acronym. So it stands for ‘Keep Striving’ and then MoreTime is just something I put on the end to kind of fill it out. It stands for a few other things too but that's the main thing.

SDS: Keep striving, we like that! You said you've always been a creative from a young age and that you got into Performing Arts at that stage, but what was it specifically that got you into music?

KS MoreTime: When I was 14 I just started doing talent shows, so that's kind of where I really found out that I had a skill for rapping. As I said, I was in the creative arts, I was into dance and everything but I never really found my home. I realised that I've got a knack for this and I just carried on doing that; it just kind of became my thing.

SDS: Would you say that talent shows have played a big part in your journey so far?

KS MoreTime: Talent shows were definitely vital for getting out there and getting people to know my name. It's a good way to showcase your talent - I definitely believe that, but alongside talent shows, performing at live events. So obviously you lots event SDS, CYAC at Fairfield Halls and the biggest one that I've done is the Onside Awards which was in the Royal Albert Hall so that's definitely a very good way.

SDS: We saw on your Instagram that you took part in the Gifted Enterprises Lottery 25 Talent Show. What was it about that talent show that was different than the rest and what was that journey like?

KS MoreTime: The Lottery 25 Talent Show was different because it's virtual, it's not like a traditional talent show because you're doing it through a video and you've got other people judging you. It was different from that aspect but it's still a talent show, you're still getting your name out there, still about participating and doing it for the community.

SDS: If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

KS MoreTime: I feel like I kind of need to perform in America - New York specifically. The reason why is because that's kind of like the motherland of hip hop music or music in general; performing there would be great!

It's like it's going back to the roots when you think of music and you think of what everyone's doing nowadays it routes from that. If they never paved the way and done what they needed to do out there, I don't think we'd have the sound that we have here.

SDS: What's next for KS MoreTime, do you have any singles coming out? What can we expect to see from you for the rest of the year?

KS MoreTime: My first official release 'Designer Dresser' will be coming out soon so watch out for it!! Also stay tuned into my socials for announcements of all my forthcoming single releases and more!!

SDS: Can you sum up Croydon in three words?

KS Moretime: Multicultural, definitely challenging and talented.

Check out KS MoreTime's track 'Heavy With The Hooks' on Soundcloud HERE!


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