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Pinterest Introduce Live Shopping

Words by: Shaiheim Allen

Pinterest has found a new way to combine interactivity and e-commerce on it’s platform with is new shoppable live series called Pinterest TV. Set to debut on 8th November every episode will have a creator from the platform and will air from Monday to Friday at 10PM GMT on iOS and Android, the shows will cover a wide range of topics such as fashion, home, food, beauty and many more.

On Fridays the show turns into a teleshopping style programme where viewers can buy exclusive products from many different brands using special discounts. Some Pinterest shows are already in production such as Christian On, in which fashion designer Christian Siriano replicates some of the most popular fashion-related searches on the platform. Also, Monica Suriyage and other food creators try to help salvage failed dishes in Unfail My:… Other shows that are planned include people such as Manny MUA, Tom Daley and Robyn Schall.

Every episode will be recorded and available to watch on the app and during the show, viewers will be able to interact, chat and ask questions with hosts directly while live.


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