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SDS X Puma Collaboration

As part of our Croydon Hub project supported by Arts Council England and Croydon Council in November 2020 SDS produced their first virtual live music festival entitled ‘The Bop Live’. The mini festival was put together in response to the lack of live performance opportunities for artists as a result of Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown. Each stage was filmed in iconic Croydon venues and curated by SDS,The Floor Magazine and Yes Gurl. To see more about The Bop Live click here.

The success of The Bop Live and work SDS had been carrying out in Croydon caught the attention of sports brand Puma thanks to member Isha Davis. As well as a donation SDS were offered two free studio sessions at the Puma Suede Music studio in London for up and coming artists. Featured sessions at the Suede Music Studio included Knucks,2 Shots Of Tequila, Shaybo, No Signal and more. Croydon artists Flintz and Siobhain Kane were hand-picked by the SDS team to be offered this opportunity with sound engineer Row Black.

Siobhain Kane's SDS X Puma Session
Flintz's SDS X Puma Session

Keep an eye out for the Flintz and Siobhain Kane's SDS X Puma videos coming soon!


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