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Isha’s October 2021 Music Picks

Koffee 'West Indies' music video

Can’t believe we are in October already! With that being said, I think it’s time I give you the lowdown on my top 5 songs that I have been banging out this month so far – Especially with the Jesy Nelson fail, I would like to bring some quality to your head tops.

1. Coming in at number 1 we have Koffee with her brand-new track entitled ‘West Indies’.

I first heard this song in the car, and it transported me to a happy place where I actually felt like I was gliding instead of driving (sounds weird I know). The song is just overall good vibes, and we need more of that. It also makes me miss travelling to see the family in the ‘West Indies’ (ha) because that hasn’t been possible this year. Anyways it’s a definite car BANGER!

Watch the full video here!

Koffee 'West Indies' music video

2. Sitting in at number 2 we have the ‘Gyalis’ remix by Capella Grey, Chris Brown and Popcaan.

You know there are some remixes that we could do without, well, this isn’t one of them – this was definitely needed! Only thing I wish is that Popcaan’s bit was longer as I just feel his vocals ride the beat so cold! No video yet though, but hopefully there is one to come...

Listen to the track here!

Gyalis remix by Capella Grey, Chris Brown and Popcaan cover

3. Whilst this didn’t come out in October technically, I am still listening to this tune ‘Be My Guest’ from WSTRN.

TBH they never make a bad song and I have been loving the dance visualisers they have been creating for their new releases of late (I love a dance routine, I do). One thing to note is we definitely could have done without the Fireboy DML feature though, but anyways we will leave that to one side!

Watch the visualiser here!

Be My Guest by WSTRN cover

4. Number 4 has gotta go to MoStack! There are quite a few bangers on his new album ‘High Street Kid 2’ but the track with the most wheel ups currently is ‘Secret’.

It’s the beat for me! And it is quite catchy too…

Listen to the track here!

High Steet Kid 2 by Mostack cover

5. Last but not least coming in at number 5 is Headie One with ‘Cry’.

We know Tion Wayne tried to call him out for ruining the classic Busta Rhymes song ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ by using the sample, but I actually quite like it. The sample is iconic and it was nice to hear it with a refreshed vibe. You guys be the judge….

Watch the video here!

I’ll be back next month sharing my November picks alongside my weird thoughts with you all!

Stay blessed!

Author: Isha Davis


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