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LBC Presenter Steve Allen Body Shames Strictly Star Tilly Ramsey

Words by Mica Reid

Picture: BBC

Gordon Ramsey’s daughter, Tilly Ramsey, has made an appearance as this years youngest Strictly Come Dancing star, and she’s taking the stage like a pro.

Earlier last week, LBC Radio DJ Steve Allen made a few remarkable comments on 19 year old Tilly’s body figure and size; “she’s a chubby little thing”. The strictly star has commented she “condemned fat shaming” on her Instagram and many of her followers and fellows contestants have supported her.

An astonishing comment from a 67 year old man on a live platform, who has influence on young impressionable adults. It is understood that Allen has since privately apologised to Ramsey for his crass comments, however no action has been made by LBC to rectify his mistake.

I’d like to point out that weight does not define who you are nor your ability to do something, his comments were very narrow minded and empty. A small petition is circling around Instagram for those who want Steve Allen “cancelled” and fired to sign, and I think my sign is needed!

Seeing how fat shaming and bullying works first hand, I can say that it ruins self esteem, confidence, social interactions and lives. Statistics show a high volume of depression and suicide stem from bullying and body shaming in the UK; a figure that has risen over the last few years.

Society has always championed different body types at different periods of time. A decade ago, women were “supposed” to be slim and skinny, and now, women are seen as more desirable if they are curvier.

We are however, growing as a society! Women and men are being more accepted and celebrated for being undeniably themselves regardless of weight and body type. Although a few insignificant others have other negative views, the majority need to stand up against bullying and discrimination and support not just Tilly Ramsey, but everyone out there being fat shamed.


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