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Ones To Watch: KalemGR


Hailing from Slough, West London with a name that embodies his essence we introduce KalemGR, where 'GR' signifies not just initials but a declaration of Greatness. He has carved his path in the world of rap, capturing hearts and minds with his poignant lyrics and magnetic stage presence. With his recent EP "Music & I" making waves, we caught up with our One To Watch KalemGR to delve into his artistry, inspirations, and aspirations.

SDS: Why Kalem GR, what does the GR stand for?

KalemGR: Years before taking MUSIC seriously, I used to rap under different aliases and names, spit crazy punch lines and try to have the best bars amongst the people around me, but there was always something missing! The element of self and being myself, led me to reinvent my name to KalemGR because that is the purest version of me. The GR are the initials of my middle name and surname but they stand for Greatness.

SDS: Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from?

KalemGR: I'm from Slough, born and raised in the playgrounds, where I spent most of my days lool. I grew up in Britwell, which at the time was labelled the second worst area to live in the UK. I was six years old when I moved to an area called Langley with my mum and three siblings. My older brother and all his friends grew up on grime and introduced me to it because from the time I was seven I was trying to clash my brother and his friends.

SDS: What got you into rapping and when did you start?

KalemGR: My family are massively influenced by music, from when I was young, my aunties and uncles would sing in church. But the reason why I probably started rapping is my brother! He brought home the ‘War Report’, Logan Sama's mixtape that was full of clashes between a young Wiley, and even younger Devlin, Ghetts, Wretch 32 and more. With my family being musical, we would set up our own little clashes in our rooms and clash each other as well as my brothers friends too. My brother then brought home his own tape of him and his friend rapping and I wrote for the first time that day. At this point I’m only seven years old!


SDS: You recently dropped an EP “Music & I”, talk to us about it.

KalemGR: MUSIC&I, in the best way to describe it is about heartbreak and love intertwined with deep thoughts. After a recent break up, I finally started putting music out and taking my music more seriously! I kind of had a “f it” moment where I thought, I've lost it all so put what you have left into what you have left. Plus it was a long time coming.

However, MUSIC& I was me putting my feelings out in the open for her to see, before it finally became just MUSIC and I… also my love for her and the love I have for music is larger than the love I have for most. It was fitting to have the tape about our ‘love’ through something I love.

SDS: What is your favourite track from the EP and why?

KalemGR: My favourite song, without a doubt is “five in the morning”. I posted it on YouTube due to complications with the beat maker and the sample. It displays everything, emotion, flow, punchlines, relatable lyrics and as a whole its just amazing to listen to.

SDS: Do you have any routines you do before recording or performing?

KalemGR: I don’t have any at all or should I say at the moment. I like to see people around me that I feel want the best for me and it gives me an energy boost. However, I think it would be cool to have a secret handshake and a scented candle that relaxes me or something like that.

SDS: What has been the most rewarding part of being a musician so far, and what has been the most challenging?

KalemGR: The most rewarding part of being a musician is when I show someone my new song that’s not out and they tell me “It’s their new favourite song”. And the most challenging but still fun thing that I encounter as a musician is promoting and marketing myself.

SDS: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

KalemGR: The power of knowledge, and knowing… because if I knew everything I could make anything. Like wings to fly for example or something that makes me invisible. But I'd also add knowing how to promote my stuff amazingly lool.

SDS: You recently performed at Pryzm, in Brighton. What was that experience like?


KalemGR: The feeling was unreal, I was too excited to be nervous so when I finally got on the stage, I just let it all out! I had an amazing DJ and an amazing audience! Everything about it was electric and I could feel the energy.

It still feels unreal that I even got the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of people at the club.

SDS: Festival season is fast approaching. What would be your top 3 festivals to perform at?


‘Wireless’ of course. It's a UK based festival where I would rub shoulders with my favourite UK artists as well as perform in my own country!

'Coachella’… it spans over two weekends with the biggest artists in the world not just from the UK. I'm pretty sure it’s the biggest festival in the world currently! So to be in that position would be the most insane feeling in the world.

Lastly, Glastonbury, again just for the magnitude! But I’d also love to perform at a festival built and based around black culture like a Merky fest or Afronation…If Culture Clash was a festival that would be it.

SDS: What can people expect from you going forward?

KalemGR: I can’t give a timetable of any of the events to come but, people can expect my second tape 'Introvert' to be coming soonish. People can also expect new music videos and more social media content expressing my character. Overall, people can expect every new thing I do to be better than the last thing I did. And you can expect me to be me unapologetically KalemGR

Listen to Kalem's latest EP "MUSIC&I" on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Follow him on Instagram @kalemgr and TikTok @thekalemgr


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