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SDS Post-Make Your Days Count!

Furlough’ ‘Second Wave’ ‘Lock down’ constant news we’re being fed with. March to August just flying past so quickly. Blinking and not even realising where time went. Coronavirus and lockdown has filled us with anxiety, worry and fear but, how about we change our perspectives? Use this time to perfect our craft, join new groups, network, the whole lot. You could say we’re in a completely new era, times are changing, we are living in one of the most historic moments of our lives. Let’s make this count. There are three main tips I think we’ve all learnt:

1. Execute your ideas! You’ve had an idea or concept you’ve been dreaming about for years but you know we’ve had ‘work’ so we’ve ‘never had the time’ but what’s stopping you now? Stop the excuses and make it work, make it happen. It’s not always going to be the easiest - considering we have adapt to the virtual world but go ahead! What’s the worst that could really happen?

2. Downtime. Now I’m pretty sure before this whole lockdown palaver, there was constant 24/7 running up and down. Education, work, family but did you ever take time out for yourself? This is your chance. Detoxing is key - make the effort to keep yourself healthy: physically and mentally. Examples: cooking healthier meals (reducing take outs and fast foods). Reading - stimulates the brain and feeds us with so much more knowledge than we could actually think.

3. Appreciating your close friends and family. I know it’s been quite a hard hit with the pandemic, black lives matter and so many humanitarian crisis’. This is why we should use this time to call our loved ones, tell them how much you appreciate them whether it’s from Skype or Zoom. Simply just leaving a small treat outside a friends’ house. It’s the smallest things that bring everyone together

No matter what the situation has been - make sure your time counts!

Words by Nicole Oteng-Agyei


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