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Break-In At Wizkid’s Concert

Words by Mica Reid

The O2 experience a rampage of fans, storming the arena to watch Wizkid perform his first of three showings this week, for his Made in Lagos Tour. There had been a breach in security and a spokesmen shared “This evening, a breach of the security cordon on the arena entrance occurred and as a result, a number of fans in the queue were able to enter the venue.”

Other security say it was a “manic frenzy” the people were “going crazy” to watch the performance. Head security replies “the situation was quickly contained by staff and the incident resolved”. The venue is reviewing security procedures for the upcoming events during the week.

People on social media are shocked following the recent events that occurred at Astroworld during Travis Scott’s concert. One fan takes to the social platform and writes “as someone whose been in one of those stampedes its f***ing scary and dangerous and ngl your life aint worth risking for an artist who don’t know you exist”

This seems to must have been premeditated; why are so many people even at the O2 Arena standing there when you aren’t even a ticket holder? The artists come to entertain, not have a ruckus and headache after, for selfish people who ruin it for everyone. These are becoming a re-occurring cycle during concerts and performances for well established artists, that cause injuries and deaths. People who join in with the stampedes and mosh pits are aiding and effectively the cause of the tragedies that take place.

Before we know it ‘they’ will have a reason to block or ban “black influenced” music from playing at arena’s such as the O2, due to the fact that people cannot be ‘contained’ or act accordingly and safe during them.


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